industrial steel buildings


Industrial structures will seldom be identical. They might involve designs or layouts that are similar to dozens of other industrial units. But, they will feature an assortment of features that distinguish them from other industrial or machinery sheds in the vicinity.

Depending on your requirements, the steel sheds that you require for industrial use, could be small or massive. You could use them for designing and processing raw materials. Or, you could use them for storing and distributing your goods too. Having a structure that is versatile is important. After all, your needs could evolve with the passage of time. But, you will also need a shed that is robust enough to offer you years of use.

When it comes to building commercial and industrial steel buildings, CBS Sheds is the builder to trust. Over the years, we have forged a peerless reputation as a client-focused design and construction provider. Our company culture focuses on giving you a hassle-free experience from concept to creation. Not only do we offer complete flexibility in our services. We also focus on meeting your implicit and explicit needs by offering you highly customised structures that can serve as distribution centres as well as light industrial sheds.

It is worth highlighting that our industrial and commercial construction services are quite comprehensive. This is why we can provide the desired levels of support, guidance and satisfaction at any point in the project. Our experienced engineers and designers offer superlative planning and designing services. Thereafter, our skilled welders and metal workers use cutting-edge technology to fabricate the steel shed at our state-of-the-art facility. The last stage of the project involves assembling and installing the structure at the client’s site.

CBS Sheds has considerable experience in building a diverse range of industrial and commercial sheds. Over the years, we have given clients strong and durable structures including:

  • Commercial storage units and warehouses that feature clear span constructions with high clearance and optimum storage space
  • Industrial steel buildings to serve as factories characterised by widths of up to 40 metres and large floorspace for creating a safe and streamlined environment for your business
  • Light industrial sheds with flexible designs and configurations ranging from standard gable buildings to offset gable structures
  • Mezzanine floors complete with an array of options such as office partitions, roof overhangs, windows, doors and wall vents and,
  • Machinery sheds that are both tough and long-lasting, which can protect your machinery and equipment from the elements


Many of our commercial and industrial clients require multi-purpose space. Some clients need additional workshop space. Others require additional storage and office space for the administration of their ventures. To meet your specific needs, we design our industrial sheds to meet your operational, budget and site-specific requirements. With our flexible design system, you can easily get integrated internal walls and mezzanine floors for creating raised first floor office spaces. At the same time, you will get a variety of access points too.

At CBS Sheds, we can deliver an assortment of layout options. In addition, we can give you steel sheds that are both versatile and flexible. We know how crucial each yard of space can be in a commercial set-up. So, you can rest assured that our structures will make optimum utilisation of the space available on your site. But, we will ensure that we leave that space as accessible and unimpeded as possible.

When you want an industrial shed that is spacious, comfortable, durable and versatile, think of us. When it comes to delivering cost effective and durable steel building projects across the country, we’re the best in the business. Let our expertise give shape to your requirements.

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