carports garages


Quite a few Australians invest in steel garages. They typically use these structures as covered parking space for their cars, motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles (RVs). However, you could use these structures for housing your boats too. Some people invest in these steel sheds to obtain more storage space. With a garage in the yard, you could easily keep your equipment safe from the elements.

Similarly, if you want a distinct space for working or pursuing a hobby, a garage could give you the space and the privacy you need. Seldom do properties look complete without robust and spacious garages So much so, that even owners of trucks and other commercial vehicles are aware of the wisdom of building a shed for housing their large fleet of vehicles. For these reasons, a steel garage can be among the most worthwhile structures you erect on your property.

Whether you need a carport or a machinery shed, it pays to select a reputed and established builder. Experienced builders will be able to enhance your basic requirements with their skills and expertise. As a result, the final structure will not only be long-lasting and robust. It will be flexible enough to meet your requirements as they evolve. This is why CBS Sheds is the name to bank on for innovative, custom-designed and versatile structures.

We have extensive experience in designing and creating all kinds of cold-formed steel structures for use as garages, carports and workshops. Depending on your requirements, we could easily give you:

  • Custom-designed single garages of the size that you specify – ideal for storing your bikes, cars and even, boats
  • Double garages featuring two standard roller doors or an extra wide single door that could be useful for protecting your cars, boats, bikes and caravans as well as your gardening tools and equipment
  • Triple garages fitted with motorised roller doors for easy remote-controlled operation tailored to meet the covered parking space requirements of people with a number of cars and boats as well as people requiring a combined workshop storage area
  • Strong and robust covers that can easily provide protection to your cars, caravans and boats from the elements
  • Garages with secure storage sheds incorporated in the layout to store your belongings securely in addition to parking your vehicles
  • Highly customisable garages with carports that feature frames extended off the gable to provide covered parking space or lean-tos that extend off the side walls to create carports with easy drive-in access
  • Garage workshops for people who need space to carry out work and store tools and equipment, besides parking their vehicles
  • Single, double or triple garages converted into garaports featuring open bays by extending the gable end of the steel shed or by adding awnings on one or both sides
  • Workshop sheds ideal for storing boats, vehicles, machinery and equipment with appropriate clearance levels
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) garages and storage structures from the elements as well as from the damaging rays of the sun
  • Specialised boat storage structures that will provide all-weather protection for your boats, yachts, kayaks, canoes and jet skis and,
  • Steel truck garages and storage buildings with ample clear usable space to work on these hefty vehicles, whilst keeping them safe in all-weather conditions


CBS Sheds has over 20 years of experience in delivering a variety of industrial, commercial, rural and domestic structures. Designing and constructing steel sheds is our area of specialisation. As a client-focused design and construction services provider, we focus on your needs at all times. To achieve this, we tailor our structures to suit your requirements. We guarantee high levels of flexibility in all our services. And, we back all of our structures with extensive warranties. Thus, from concept to creation, you can expect steel sheds that will stand the test of time.

Our steel garages and carports are popular across NSW because they:

  • Feature a clear span design suitable for all kinds of vehicles
  • Can withstand all kinds of weather
  • Feature superior quality materials that make them condensation and corrosion free
  • Comprise the best galvanised frames and panels, which means that they require little or no maintenance
  • Come with extensive warranties that attest to the quality and durability of these steel sheds
  • Provide a covered area for various outdoor work and recreation activities, besides providing covered parking space for all kinds of vehicles (including boats and caravans) and,
  • Come with an extensive array of options such as personal access doors, skylights, ventilation, roof & wall insulations, sliding glass & personal access doors, open & enclosed bays, dividing walls, mezzanine floors


When you want a garage that scores highly on durability, space and versatility, simply rely on CBS Sheds. Our expertise and experience will not only give you a structure that keeps your vehicles safe. With us, you can expect to receive a structure that enhances the look (and the value) of your property significantly.

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