stable sheds


It could be handy to have a steel shed on your property. You could use it for storing anything including machines, cars, equipment, livestock and agricultural produce. At the same time, you could use it for running your commercial or industrial venture too. Sheds are undoubtedly useful in urban settings. But, they are absolutely essential (and invaluable) in a rural environment. Rarely, if at all, will you come across a farm or a rural house that does not have a barn or a shed in its yard.

When you’re looking for custom designed farm sheds, it’s best to select a builder with experience. After all, your shed should not only suit your desired purpose. It should offer you optimum value for your money as well. When Australians want to upgrade their family’s rural home or cattle stations, they will invariably consider the merits of steel.  Steel barns and sheds are not only cost effective. They are easy to customise as well.

For long-lasting and affordable hay and stable sheds, don’t look beyond CBS Sheds. We are one of the leading suppliers of steel structures for farmers, homeowners and owners of industrial and commercial facilities across Australia. We specialise in delivering affordable and durable steel building projects to our clients. Over the last two decades, we have been instrumental in delivering steel sheds for use in a diverse range of environments. Not surprisingly, our cold-formed steel structures have made us a name to reckon with in the industry.

While not exhaustive, the list that follows demonstrates our experience and expertise in erecting quality farming and rural sheds. Over the years, we have successfully delivered a number of rural projects for our clients including:

  • Durable and spacious farm sheds and rural buildings in which you could keep your harvesting and cultivation equipment and other machinery
  • Sturdy and flexible farm equipment and implement sheds for storing your tractors, headers, air seeders and other vehicles typically used in farming operations safely from harsh weather conditions
  • Compact and robust wood sheds that will protect your wood stock and be easy to access during the cold winter months
  • Spacious and comfortable equine sheds featuring side lean-tos and awnings for accommodating your horses, spectators and equipment
  • Stable sheds (including feeding lots and calving shelters) that can be perfect for your pigs, sheep, cows and poultry
  • Strong and durable milking and dairy sheds that feature clear spans of up to 30 metres and excessive lengths based on the space available on your property
  • Fully enclosed or three-side open machinery sheds featuring drive-through bays, daylight openings and internal walls that will protect your farm machinery so that it lasts for longer
  • Efficient and cost-effective shearing and wool sheds designed to suit a diverse range of requirements including the number of levels you need, the heights you require, temperature levels, ventilation levels, natural lighting, access points etc.
  • A range of American-style and Australian-style barn sheds manufactured from premium-quality steel, which you could use as your storage or workspace or for housing your livestock
  • Structures for various cropping operations customised to suit the size of your machines, the loading facilities you require, vermin control etc.
  • Storage sheds that come in an extensive range of sizes and designs tailored to suit your rural business and budget
  • Steel workshops enhanced with mezzanine floors and personal access doors, which can make an ideal workspace, whilst meeting your storage and security requirements
  • Corrosion-proof hay sheds that keep your hay secure from a variety of pests as well as the elements, while offering immense flexibility in design such as open-fronted sheds, totally enclosed sheds, one-wall enclosed sheds, roof-only sheds etc.


Our stable and barn sheds are highly popular across the country. Before designing any shed, we obtain a perfect understanding of your current requirements. We widen our scope by estimating your future requirements based on our awareness of the farming and rural sector. Lastly, we use our skills and experience to deliver farm buildings and equine sheds – built to a high standard and built to last.

When you select our services for your horse shelters and hay sheds, you can look forward to receiving the best attention and service at all times. We supply sheds tailored exclusively to suit your needs. Our sheds will offer you years of use. In addition, they will be versatile enough to suit your future requirements as they take shape. Moreover, our rural and farming sheds will not detract from the overall look of your property. While stylish, comfortable and elegant, our farm buildings and sheds will be within your budget too. At CBS Sheds, we don’t just sell you a structure. We look at building relationships that last for comparable spans of time just like our steel buildings.