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Horse lovers place an immense value on their horses and other equids. They know that these animals do not merely need room to exercise. They will require ample protection from the elements too. Without strong and spacious equine sheds, your horses could feel cramped and uncomfortable.

It is common knowledge that in the scorching summer months, your horses will need sufficient shelter from the sun. And, when the mercury plunges, they will need protection from the bone-chilling wind, hail or even snow – depending on where you live. This is why many horse owners install steel sheds on their properties.

CBS Sheds is one of the leading names in the country when it comes to building domestic, farming, educational and commercial sheds. As a client-focused design and construction services provider, we are second to none. In addition, the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, a skilled workforce and efficient manufacturing processes enables us to deliver cold-formed steel building projects successfully to all our clients throughout Australia.

In our experience, horse shelters are not merely structures for sheltering your horses. They must provide additional storage space too. Ample storage space is typically necessary for all the items that you’ll need to take loving care of your four-legged friends. Ideally, all horses should have a three-sided shelter at the very least. Moreover, horse sheds should provide space of at least 100 square feet for each average sized riding horse.

When it comes to horse sheds, we have been successfully delivering:

  • Equine arenas
  • Equine or horse sheds and,
  • Horse shelters


In rough weather, riding your horses can become very difficult. Our equine indoor riding arenas offer the perfect solution for horse lovers. Regardless of the weather outdoors, you can keep riding your horse in sheltered conditions. Unlike other indoor arena options, our pre-engineered steel equine arenas are easy to maintain and immensely durable. They can enhance the beauty and the value of your property too.

The horse or equine sheds that we deliver are not only spacious and well ventilated. They offer immense scope for customisation as well, depending on your specific requirements. For instance, we can give you horse shelters with:

  • Solid sides and back with open fronts
  • Solid sides and back with event fronts
  • Solid sides and back with rail fronts
  • Horse shelters with a feed room at the back and,
  • Shelters with double-door fronts


Steel sheds are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, they will not facilitate the proliferation of insects, pests and other rodents either. One of the best aspects of steel equine sheds is that they can last you for years. Their ability to withstand exposure to the elements without compromising on other desired aspects makes them the best in their class.

So, if you want high-quality horse sheds, think of CBS Sheds. When it comes to building a shed that you can use for a myriad of applications, we’re the best in the business. Not surprisingly, we’ve built a reputation that is as sturdy as our steel-framed structures that dot Australia’s eastern seaboard. Give your horses the protection they rightly deserve.


Here’s a video of one of our projects.