Many education departments and institutions have ample space on their properties. Despite this, they focus on utilising this space as effectively as possible. Not surprisingly, they detail a diverse range of requirements for any Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) and other structures that they erect on their properties.

Regardless of the school or college that they’re running, educational facility owners will invariably want structures that can serve a myriad of purposes. Thus, if you were building a shed for an educational institution, the shed will need to be versatile enough to function as a classroom. At the same time, it should be suitable for conducting other activities too. Not all builders in the vicinity will be able to meet such exacting demands.

This is why owners of several commercial enterprises, industries, rural entities and schools depend on CBS Sheds. We have a successful track record when it comes to delivering affordable and durable steel building projects in Australia. The structures that we deliver are not just strong, sturdy and long-lasting. They are versatile as well. As such, you will not find it hard to use the same structure for meeting your changing requirements. Thus, converting your mezzanine floor into a school COLA, for instance, will not present any difficulties.

People responsible for running or planning educational facilities will typically need to consider two factors – economy and efficiency. More importantly, they will need to consider the capability to expand the existing facility too. This calls for the services of a builder who can deliver structures that offer these characteristics. At the same time, a project of this kind requires a builder who has the experience of delivering steel sheds and structures tailored to suit the needs of the educational facility.

In NSW, CBS Sheds is the brand to trust if you require top-class expertise in delivering structural steel projects. Our personnel have years of experience in handling projects of all kinds. From commercial ventures to rural setups, our steel sheds can give you optimal return on your investment. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully delivered a diverse range of educational structures to our clients including:

  • Custom steel school buildings that are extremely large and come with several layout configurations and design parameters to suit all your needs
  • Robust, safe and secure sports equipment sheds for storing all your expensive and valuable sporting equipment
  • An array of school playground covers with models ranging from small lunch areas to larger playgrounds
  • Custom-designed gymnasiums and multi-purpose halls that come with a wide range of ventilation, insulation and acoustic wall insulation options
  • School Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) that come in an array of shapes and sizes and offer high levels of security and safety
  • Court covers (or sports area covers) that can encapsulate your sporting arena and make them fit for use in all-weather conditions
  • Spectator covers, which you can add to your existing buildings, to provide shelter and shade from the sun to people watching the game and,
  • Modular classrooms that can withstand wind loads and uplift without the conventional wall cladding and conventional bracing


At CBS Sheds, we specialise in pre-cast concrete panel construction. This has enabled us to revolutionise contemporary building practices. In addition, the high quality and solidity of our cold-formed steel shed structures has given us an unbeatable reputation in the industry. It is hardly a coincidence that many steel-framed buildings dotting Australia’s eastern seaboard bear our name.

Some of the principle features of our school COLA and educational structures include:

  • Custom-made structures with sizes, colours, designs and finishes to suit your tastes and needs
  • Fully insulated roof and walls
  • Designs that maximise safety levels
  • Structures that offer all-weather protection
  • Fully lined interiors
  • Various cladding options
  • A comprehensive range of colour options
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Noise control doors between rooms
  • Acoustic systems
  • Open and enclosed bays
  • Skylights and windows
  • Anti-bird roosting options
  • Gable infills, part walls and angled skillion covers
  • Covered walkway accesses
  • Personal access and sliding glass doors
  • Tough and durable wall systems and,
  • Structures that you could use for school assemblies, meetings, concerts, dance programs, sports activities, wet-weather activities etc.


By selecting CBS Sheds for constructing structures for your educational facility, you can eliminate all the hassles typically associated with builders. We will design and plan your project from conception to completion. We will ensure that your structure complies with all the building codes and regulations in your area. In addition, you can rest assured that we will tailor the new structure to suit your specific needs.

When you want to give your students, your school staff and your visitors facilities that best express the value of your brand, think of CBS Sheds. The quality of our steel sheds and COLAs will transform any space on your property into a versatile area for studying or playing.