commercial steel buildings


If you’re running a large-scale business operation, you will invariably need large and specialised commercial buildings. Similarly, if you’re a commercial developer with tenants running small businesses or larger enterprises, you will require structures that offer the best value for your investment. Regardless of your requirements, steel sheds can give you the versatility and durability that you need.

Real estate prices have been increasing steadily over the years. This is especially true for areas demarcated for commercial use. When combined with the skyrocketing costs of construction, it is hardly surprising that many business owners and commercial developers have opted for the value that steel structures provide. From commercial shops and offices to airplane hangars, steel sheds can give you optimal value for your money.

At CBS Sheds, we have years of experience in delivering cold-formed steel building projects successfully to all our clients. Not only do we have a highly motivated and skilled workforce. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that our structures are robust, durable and versatile. It is hardly surprising then that our steel structures cover a diverse range and variety of domestic, rural, commercial and industrial needs.

Whether you use them as retail showrooms or as distribution centres, steel structures offer immense advantages. They are durable. They require little by way of maintenance. They are easy to customise as well. As such, they enable commercial property owners to achieve the look they require, without compromising on the functionality of the structure.

We offer steel sheds that you can use for a diverse range of applications. Many clients have harnessed our expertise and skills to erect structures appropriate for use as:

  • Airplane hangars designed for storing airplanes, helicopters, small planes, aircraft equipment storage & repair, fuel storage etc.
  • Commercial shops and offices that are ideal for using as your personal office space, for starting your own shop, restaurants, storerooms, retail stores & storefronts etc.
  • Inventory warehouses that offer ample storage space along with the right amount of ventilation, insulation and access
  • Custom designed commercial sheds with portal frames that offer superior weight-bearing capabilities, complete insulation, hard-wearing wall systems, mezzanine floors, various cladding options, fully lined interiors etc.
  • Retail showrooms that will not only complement the products you’re offering, but will also create a lasting impression on your customers and,
  • Distribution centres that offer ample space and can withstand high volumes of traffic with multiple loading or unloading access points, immense warehousing capability and advanced inventory control systems


The commercial sheds that we deliver at CBS Sheds meet the stringent requirements stipulated by local councils and building codes. In addition, they meet the state-of-the-art requirements of the clients. We know that many clients need sheds that employ advanced designs. But, going the extra mile for our clients is at the core of our business culture. With us, you can expect to receive steel structures that are flexible and energy efficient. And, unlike other builders, we offer speedy construction times as well.

Industrial shed and warehouse construction companies usually prefer working with steel. The use of steel greatly reduces design, fabrication, assembling and construction times. Pre-engineered steel structures are much cheaper than traditional structures. In addition, installing these structures does not require much labour either. So, you can end up saving time as well as money, when you consider investing in steel sheds.

Don’t settle for second best when you can get more bang for your buck with CBS Sheds. Our warehouse construction services are peerless and flexible. We can give you all the support you need – from concept to creation. Think of us when you want a hassle-free experience in designing, creating and installing a commercial shed that will make your business distinctive from others.

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