Basic Designing Guide For Safe And Comfortable Stable Sheds


stable sheds


Are you building stable sheds for your horses? Or, you are planning to renovate an idle building to accommodate the growing number of your horses. Whatever your intention, one of the concerns that you should consider when designing stable sheds is the safety and comfort of your horses. Most horses don’t like being stabled and knowing the basics when designing stable sheds would not only help you care for your horses, but guarantee happy horses.

Box stalls or loose boxes

Building stable sheds for riding horses must be taken consideration when deciding from box stalls or loose boxes. A standard loose box stall should at least have 10’X10’ to 12’X12’ to accommodate a riding horse of average size. However, if you got the budget to construct a bigger stable shed, this would surely give your horses more space to move freely or lie down without feeling confined in a tight space. On the other hand, it would also be a good idea to create portioned stalls to provide more rooms for your riding horses, both mares and foals.

Standing or tie stalls

What would you prefer standing or tie stalls? Your final choice will depend on the size of horses. For example, a riding horse with approximately 5ft. wide and 8ft length should have a longer and wider standing stall as compared to a pong. You will also need a durable structure to tie the horse. The height of the structure should be high enough to allow the horse to reach the feed and water without tripping his or her legs on the tie rope.

Stall doors

Stable sheds have doors, either swinging or sliding. Whatever is your preference on the stall doors, be sure to cover the safety and security of your horses. Swinging stall doors must open out directly to an alley and remain shut to prevent horses from escaping. Sliding doors must slide with ease.

Aisles or alleyways

When designing stable sheds, aisles or alleyways must not be overlooked. The average width of an alleyway should be around 10ft wide. However, wider alleyways will provide more room for horses to pass through when being led or tied for grooming.


Most stable sheds are designed with concrete flooring like pavers or stone. The concrete flooring surface is usually roughened to prevent slips. On other designed stable sheds, some stable owners place rubber made mats underneath the bedding to provide comfort for their horses.

Height of ceilings

One factor that must be considered when designing stable sheds is the height of the ceilings. Why? The height of the ceilings must give more room for any horse to raise its head without bumping the ceiling. The standard height of the ceiling of a stable shed housing small horses like ponies must be around 8ft.


When taking consideration of lighting and wiring of your stable shed, don’t forget the overall safety of your horses. For example, the wiring you should install must have moisture and rodent proof. Be sure to check if the lighting to be used is ideal for outdoor use.


Windows are also vital when designing stable sheds. If possible put as many windows to allow flow of air to move in and out freely. Windows with mesh or grill coverage are ideal than glass to prevent horses from breaking the glass.

Feeding and watering areas

Lastly, the other concerns that you should not miss with your stable sheds design are the feeding and watering areas. For example, hanging a bucket on the wall is more practical and economical that having buckets all over the floor.

If you want a customised design for your horses stable sheds, contact a representative at CBS Sheds and learn more your options. For other concerns such as steel buildings, residential and industrial construction projects, you can also rely on their expertise.


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Acquire New Machinery Sheds Without Busting Your Budget

machinery steel sheds


Each farm in Australia will invariably feature some kinds of sheds. Farmers usually need sheds or other structures for storing their machines, equipment, fertilisers, hay and agricultural produce. Without these hay or machinery sheds, running a farm could be quite cumbersome. This is especially so in Australia, where leaving your costly machinery exposed to the elements could end up damaging your equipment considerably.

Make Informed Decisions When Purchasing Farm Sheds or Light Industrial Units

When farmers need to acquire new sheds for their farms, they often end up selecting a shed based on its price alone. This is hardly ideal. When purchasing hay or machinery sheds, you should look for sheds that offer quality and durability. Such sheds will last you for longer. In addition, they will not feature exorbitant price tags either. In contrast, affordable sheds might suit your budget. But, in the long run, they will cause you a lot of inconveniences.

Ascertain the Cost of Building the Shed First Up

Builders of light industrial units or farm sheds can provide ballpark estimates. But, this doesn’t make it easier to ascertain the true cost of the shed. In many cases, the cost of building the shed will be a third of the overall cost of the shed. However, this estimate could vary based on the area and features that the shed has. For this reason, it’s best to find a builder who can build your machinery sheds from start to finish.

Pick a Builder of Machinery Sheds Who Uses Structural Steel

Not all shed-building companies use quality steel for making their sheds. Steel comes in a diverse range of grades – ranging from C-Purlin to structural steel. The former is cheap and lightweight, while the latter is heavy-duty and durable. Purchasing sheds made of C-Purlin could be cheap. But, you will spend additional money towards repairing and replacing these sheds eventually. In contrast, sheds built of structural steel will last you for years.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of the Paperwork Necessary for Constructing Your Farm Shed

Building light industrial units or farm sheds on your property is not entirely about the construction of the structure. It involves significant levels of paperwork too. Without the right paperwork, you will not be able to commence any construction activity. Constructing a shed will necessitate obtaining council approval. For this, you will need to submit a complete application and multiple draft diagrams. To make this easier, you will need to hire a professional with a sound understanding of the legal process. This will increase the costs of the project. You could consider dealing with the paperwork yourself. However, this will increase the time (and the stress levels) for building your shed.

When you want quality machinery sheds, hire the experts at CBS Sheds. For over 20 years, we have been building quality steel-framed structures throughout Australia’s eastern seaboard. From industrial structures to rural ones, we can build any facility and tailor it to suit your needs. Check out some of our projects here.


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Local Farm Sheds Offer the Best Value for Your Money

farm sheds


Farmers across Australia require farm sheds for various purposes. These individuals will typically use a diverse range of tools, machines, hay, grain, fertilisers and other items. Hence, they will need to store these products and machines carefully. However, sheds come in an assortment of styles. In addition, not all kinds of sheds are suitable for use in all kinds of settings and applications. Manufacturers of sheds opine that farmers should not focus purely on price when purchasing steel sheds. They believe that farmers should focus on quality too. Despite this, many farmers gravitate towards affordable sheds. In many cases, they opt for cheaper sheds, usually imported from China and other countries. This could well be counterproductive.

Imported Farm Sheds Will Not Always Be Able to Withstand Australian Terrain and Weather Conditions

Imported steel has been infiltrating the Australian market for quite some time. Sheds featuring imported steel are quite popular among farmers across the country. This is primarily because these sheds come at inexpensive and affordable rates. The increasing popularity of these sheds has driven the demand for (and consequently, the prices of) local steel sheds down quite rapidly. But, imported sheds do not offer high levels of quality.

For instance, Australian engineers usually provide certified engineer drawings when they design sheds and other structures. Anyone can design sheds based on various assumptions. But, designing sheds that take into account Australian terrain, weather conditions, base and function is only possible onsite. Offshore engineers will hardly be able to keep these variables in mind. As a result, imported sheds will not be very strong or durable. In addition, they could leave you having to spend additional money towards installation and adjustments.

Local Steel Sheds Do Not Compromise on Fabrication Quality and Strength

The material components of a shed can reveal quite a bit about the quality of the shed. Sheds featuring C-Purlin will have cold-rolled steel bedded into shape. They might also feature a thin layer of galvanised material. This is why these sheds are not very strong. Similarly, imported sheds do not always feature high-quality steel. In fact, many farmers purchase imported farm sheds because of their lower prices. The lower price could well indicate the lower quality of the material used for making the shed.

In contrast, Australian farm sheds usually feature structural steel. The steel will often be eight to 10 times thicker than the steel used in C-Purlin sheds. Moreover, the I-beams will feature hot-rolled steel and solid web trusses. These serve to bolster the strength of the shed even further. Above all, locally made sheds will often meet and exceed Australian quality and safety standards. This might make them slightly more expensive. But, they will offer you years of use with minimal maintenance.

For durable and cost-effective farm sheds, rely only on CBS Sheds. We have over 20 years of experience in constructing high-quality steel-framed structures in Australia. From garages to commercial shops, we can give you any structure you require. For more information, click here.


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Top Reasons Steel Sheds Make the Best School COLA’s

covered outdoor learning area SCHOOL COLA


When it comes to keeping children safe and enhancing their experience in schools,  there’s no better option than choosing steel sheds to build your school COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Areas).

The popularity of steel school COLA’s can be attributed to their cost-effectiveness, low maintenance and easy installation, among other reasons. These structures can be erected in a short span of time without compromising on their strength and quality.

Steel Sheds:  Why Prefab Steel Buildings Are Great For School COLA’s?

Due to the prefabricated nature of steel sheds, they are some of the most versatile and easiest to build structures anywhere. All our prefab steel components are designed to be installed with absolute ease. All parts are precisely engineered to flawlessly fit into one another. Our building processes make use of standard components to maintain uniformity throughout the whole building.

The engineers at CBS Sheds pay serious attention to the loads that your school COLA may be subjected to. So, you can rest assured that you’ll get a reliable building that can withstand any amount of loads without any issue. Once the process of prefabrication is completed, the pieces are delivered to your school site and installed by our specialists.

Steel COLA’s are economical, easy to maintain, sustainable, durable and high performance structures.  These energy efficient buildings are also easy to modify, expand or repair at any time in future.

Why Choose CBS Sheds To Build Your School COLA?

At CBS sheds, we take the quality of our steel sheds very seriously and do our best to help new customers get a great value for their money. Most people are unaware that investing in inferior quality buildings can cost them a lot of money and time in the long run.  At CBS Sheds, we make sure that you’ll get resilient, long-lasting structures at a reasonable cost.

Our steel sheds are made to last and are virtually maintenance free. This makes them a perfect choice for a school COLA. Our professionals ensure that all the pieces are tightly sealed to ensure optimum strength and insulation.

For more guidance on steel sheds or to discuss your school COLA project with some of the most trusted specialists in Australia, visit CBS Sheds or simply call our friendly experts at (02) 4959 3000 now!


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Commercial Sheds and Garages: Top Advantages of Building with Steel

carport and garages


Whether you’re interested in building a commercial shed for your business or a garage for your home, versatile steel buildings can help you make the most of your investment. At CBS sheds, you’ll get to choose from a huge range of options that can help you maximise the use and functionality of your available space at an affordable cost.

Since commercial sheds made of steel do not require any beams or internal trusses for support, you can use the area in any way you want. From a carport to a warehouse, there are endless ways to take advantage of steel sheds.

Car ports and Garages: Durable Structures for Residential Applications.

As far as residential uses are concerned, steel structures can be utilized as a carport, garages and in a number of other ways. With little modifications, you can make your steel sheds as stunning and unique as you want.
If you want to expand your existing property; steel sheds can be modified to blend seamlessly with your current decor. Moreover, steel sheds are known for their top-notch safety. So, your belongings will be absolutely safe and sound in a well-built steel structure.

Fully Customized Commercial Sheds for Fast Growing Businesses

Commercial structures have to meet some stringent requirements in order to be considered fit for business purposes. The ability of steel commercial sheds to be designed or modified in limitless ways makes them the most flexible and efficient solutions for businesses today.
No matter if you want a large unobstructed space or you want to add some unique elements, steel commercial sheds can fulfil any of your requirements with ease. You can also make your shed big enough to accommodate larger equipment by installing roll-up doors and other accessories.
So, what makes steels sheds ideal for such a huge variety of applications:
Quick Installation: Prefabricated steel components can be easily installed in a short time and with lesser labour than that required in building traditional structures.
Low Maintenance: Steel structures are made to stand the test of time. They are really long-lasting and corrosion resistant. This means you can pretty much say goodbye to frequent repairs and maintenance procedures.
Optimum Protection: if you’re planning to build your office building in an area that receives heavy rainfall or snow, steel commercial sheds are strong enough to withstand extreme elements with aplomb.

At CBS Sheds, we offer a range of design and construction services for both residential and commercial purposes including commercial sheds, carports and garages, among others. To know more about our services, contact CBS Sheds. Simply give us a call at (02) 4959 3000 today!


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Light Industrial Unit Buyers Should Ask These Key Questions

Light industrial units


Rarely, if at all, do owners of commercial properties find themselves with more space than they need. For these reasons, many industrial facility owners purchase, rent or construct a light industrial unit on their property. These units provide a structured working environment for commercial entities that rely extensively on machines and technology. But, purchasing these units can require a huge commitment. Hence, interested buyers will need to mull over certain questions before they invest any money into these units.


Do You Plan to Expand Your Business?

Investing in property is a major step for individuals and commercial entities alike. But, purchasing a light industrial unit will necessitate spending a significant sum of money. Not all commercial entities have the financial wherewithal they need for purchasing several new facilities. In this scenario, you will need to consider whether you need the new facility. If your business is expanding, you will need to be clear about the intended use of the new unit.


Does the Light Industrial Unit Feature Ample Parking Space?

Constructing commercial sheds made of steel can be beneficial. These structures could help you meet your parking needs easily. As a rule, consider the number of staff you currently have and multiply this by the percentage growth that you plan to achieve. In addition, add some parking slots for your clients and visitors. This will ensure that you have an abundance of parking space, which is always handy. In addition, you’ll need to equip the light industrial unit suitably, for catering to the long transit vehicles from various haulage companies for collection and deliveries.


Is It Easy for Your Staff to Commute to and From the New Facility?

Building commercial sheds that will serve as your new facility is easy. However, getting your staff to commute to the new facility will not always be so. Many people rely on public transport to get to work. So, if the new facility is in a hard-to-reach place, these individuals will always struggle to reach work on time. This is especially so if the new facility forces these people to take a convoluted route because of sparse public transport. Similarly, if you end up increasing the travel time of your employees, they will likely consider obtaining employment elsewhere.


Is the Light Industrial Unit Close to Various Local Amenities?

Consider whether the unit is close to certain local amenities such as transport hubs, banks and post offices. Having a facility near a transport hub will make it easier for your employees to commute to work. Having a bank nearby could make it easier to deposit or withdraw cash as and when required. Similarly, if your company receives or sends a sizeable volume of mail, having a post office nearby could be beneficial.


When you want commercial sheds par excellence, think of CBS Sheds. We’ve been building high-quality steel-framed buildings along Australia’s eastern seaboard for more than 20 years. From colas to hangars, we build it all. Click here to view some of our projects.


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Gain the Best Mezzanine Floors Having These Vital Features

Mezzanine Floors industrial buildings


Sometimes, business expansion brings with it various problems of its own. For instance, when you need to expand your business, one of the first things that you will need to consider will be infrastructure. You might be operating from a spacious industrial steel building. But, the space in the existing structure might not be enough to handle the expansion of your business. In this scenario, one of the first things that you will need to consider is relocating your business or acquiring another facility. However, building mezzanine floors in your facility might be the best solution.


What Is A Mezzanine Floor?

For the uninitiated, these floors denote semi-permanent structures. Builders usually set them up within existing buildings for creating a new floor level between the existing floor and the roof. One of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of these floors is the fact that they optimise the utilisation of space. By getting a builder to construct this floor, you will be able to create additional space within your current industrial steel building. However, you will need to ensure that you heed certain aspects to get the best value for your money.


What is the Purpose of the New Floor?

Before you build a new floor, consider what its intended purpose will be. You could use your mezzanine floors for getting more storage space. Or, you could use the new floor for enlarging your existing retail or industrial facility too. The new floor could even give you invaluable additional office space. Knowing the purpose of the new floor could help you ascertain all the other elements that its construction will involve.


How Should You Design the New Floor?

The space needed for building the new floor assumes great importance. At the outset, the new floor should not cramp the people working on the existing floor level. At the same time, ensure that the mezzanine floors are not too close to the roof either. Thus, the ceiling of your building will need to be high enough for accommodating your new mezzanine floor.


What Access and Safety Features Should Mezzanine Floors Have?

Your new floor might need to be visually appealing. But, it will need to be safe and accessible for your staff as well. As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your workers. Hence, ensure that you don’t build the floor too high. In addition, ensure that the floor comes with various essential access features including staircases, handrails, lifts etc. This is especially so if you are constructing the new floor in a retail environment, where creating a good first impression is important. Similarly, ensure that the mezzanine complies with the prescribed health and safety regulations too. Safety elements that you might want to consider include automatic fire detection systems, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems etc.

At CBS Sheds, constructing high-quality steel sheds is our forte. Our client-focused design and peerless services have made us highly popular throughout Australia. To get a new industrial steel building, click here.


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Overview On Mezzanine Floor Construction

steel sheds mezzanine floor


Do you want to maximise the available space of your office? Construction of mezzanine floor is the best option to consider, especially if you don’t want to undergo a lengthy construction process. Let us give you valuable information about mezzanine floors and what you need before starting this project.


Introduction to Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are widely used in commercial spaces like stores, offices, showrooms and other industrial buildings because they are very affordable and require lesser timeframe in constructing them. They are regarded as one of the best flooring options because they serve as protected shield in case of a fire incident.


What to consider before starting a mezzanine construction project?

As mentioned, the mezzanine construction project isn’t time-consuming when it comes to the duration of the construction process. It doesn’t require tedious hard work because the flooring itself is very light. Here are a few things to consider before starting the mezzanine floor construction:


Design plays an integral part of the mezzanine construction because it will have a huge impact in the final outcome of this project. A good design must take into account the availability of space on that particular area where you wish to build the mezzanine floor. Other concerns that will be used as guide when designing the mezzanine floor are structure of the building, ceiling and safety of the occupants. For example, the ceiling of the building must be high enough to accommodate this flooring. As for the general safety of the people inside this building, installation of handrails is essential when building a mezzanine to prevent accidents like falls on the edge of the floor.


When it comes to choices on flooring for the construction of mezzanine there are different types of flooring to choose from like welded, particle board and durbar plate. If you are thinking of adding a mezzanine floor inside your home, tiles and marble are some of the selections to achieve the aesthetic appeal.

Building permits

Strict regulations may apply in various areas and if you live in a place where there are restrictions and laws regarding the construction of mezzanine flooring, then, you need to check the necessary building permits and other requirements. Inquire with local authority the type of material they want for mezzanine floors including the tread of steps for the staircase installation.

Height limitation

Even though there is enough space available for the building of mezzanine, follow the height limitation like it should not exceed 3 meters to assure users that the structure is safe.

Ventilation and heating

Temperature is crucial when constructing a mezzanine because it can be extremely hot in this area. If you want to avoid the floors from absorbing too much heat, install insulators.

Lightweight furniture pieces

If you want to prolong the service of the newly built mezzanine floor place lightweight furniture pieces because heavy furniture will affect the integrity and overall performance of this type of floor.

Lighting system

Another critical issue that you must not overlooked to enjoy the full benefits of a mezzanine is the lighting system. For example, if the mezzanine is intended with the lights on most of the time, then, it’s advisable to have the electrical wiring installed for this purpose.

Fire safety features

Among other concerns that you need to pay attention prior the construction of a mezzanine are the fire safety features that it should have such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire walls, column ceilings and suspended ceilings.

If you are new in the construction of a mezzanine floor, contact CBS Sheds representative and find out more about mezzanine. In case you have other building projects lined up like the construction of commercial sheds or farm sheds, feel free to include them on your list of concerns.


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Building Guide For Your Equine Arena

equine arena


Are you planning to build the perfect equine arena? Constructing a riding arena may require funding and it’s crucial you are properly guided on what you need to consider before you contacting an experienced builder.



This is one of your biggest concerns when it comes to a building project, especially if it’s intended for horse shelters and riding activities. I’m sure by this time you have a vision of the structure layout of your riding arena. Be sure you conduct extensive research of the different designs of equine that you can choose from including the needed funding needed to complete a fully functional riding arena.


Existing law on township ordinances

Another issue that you need enlightenment prior any consultation with a building contractor for your equine arena is existing law on township ordinances. Keep in mind, there might certain building restrictions that could affect the construction of your dream equine arena like what you can or cannot built within your property. Inquire with your local authority if there are mandated size allocations for the building of riding arena including the acquisition of building permit.



Of course you will need the professional expertise of an architect or engineer to draft the design of your ideal equine arena. Hiring a local expert would be an advantage because this person is knowledgeable of the existing building codes including other requirements in case you wish to build an additional barn shed.  Among the other factors that your equine arena design must meet are budget, withstand all weather conditions and stability.


Size and shape

Your selections when building an equine are endless and mostly depend on the size and shape you want to construct. In case you already have an existing riding arena and want to expand it, then, you have to consider the available space. However, if you are new in this field, better consult other riding arena owners for recommendations.


Equipment room

When planning the layout of your equine arena don’t forget the equipment room or machinery shed, both for indoor and outdoor space. Again, if you are working with a licensed builder experienced in building equine arenas, then, this particular space will surely be included including the size needed to store your riding precious equipment units.



Now that you a clearer picture of the design and layout of your future equine arena, the next thing you have to consider is the type of material to be used. Ask yourself, “What do you prefer wood or metal structure?” Wood may be a lot cheaper than metal, especially if you will compute the maintenance cost of metal for over a period of usage. Aside from the maintenance, metal structure would also require insulation, whereas wood structure equine arena has natural insulation.


Covered or Enclosed

How would you want your equine arena to appear, covered or enclosed? The place where you will build the equine arena will affect your final decision. If you live in a place where the weather is warm, then, a covered arena is suitable because this model will allow the air to flow naturally inside and out. If you live in a place where the winter months are expected, an enclosed equine is the best option.

I do hope you found the above information useful for your equine arena building project. If you want assurance that your riding arena complies strictly with your state’s building requirements, contact the professionals of CBS Sheds. They have a team of experts who will take of the design and creation of your dream equine arena to suit your specific needs and budget.


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Accessibility Is Vital For Your Commercial Mezzanine Floor

commercial mezzanine floor


Many commercial sheds often feature their own mezzanine floor surfaces. Such a surface creates a strong level that adds to your storage space or your general floor plan. But you must look at how accessible this surface is when you plan it.

A commercial mezzanine floor has to be built with accessibility points in mind. There are many ways how such a surface can be made to be easy to reach.


A Proper Staircase Can Be Versatile

You will have to get a stairwell added to your commercial mezzanine floor as you plan it out. You can use either a straight staircase or one that changes its direction in the middle. You could use a small flat panel space in the middle of the stairwell if needed too. This adds a stopping point in the middle of the stairs while also creating more support for the weight of the stairs. Plenty of supports would be required for the stairs like with everything else used around the floor.


An Opening For An Elevator

Perhaps you have a need for an elevator that can handle massive loads you wish to move up and down. You can get an opening in the middle of the floor for an elevator. You would have to plan this based on the mechanical features that come with the elevator unit itself. Those mechanical parts will take up extra space to allow them to stay operational.


Review Doors In the Area

Watch for how any doors around the mezzanine are organized appropriately. The stairs and other entry points for the floor should not obstruct any doors, windows or other openings. You might have to review the floor plan within your shed to see how the floor is placed alongside all the other features in your spot.

Your commercial mezzanine floor should be planned accordingly to provide you with a great layout that is easy to read and provides support for all the accessibility needs you might hold. Contact CBS Sheds if you need help with getting a floor ready while making it accessible.


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