Design Your Machinery Shed to Perfection by Heeding these Details

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Workers in many rural areas in Australia will inevitably work on farms. However, the farming industry relies on a lot of tools and equipment. Similarly, you will need large farm or machinery sheds to store your fertilisers, tools, seeds etc. Not all farmers will have the funds necessary to build brick-and-mortar structures. So, they often hire builders of industrial steel buildings to set up a steel shed on their properties.


Ascertain the Purpose of Your New Farm or Machinery Shed First

A new shed will often be a major investment for your farm. So, ascertain your intended use for the shed first. Do you want to store grain and produce in it? Or, do you also want to store your machines and equipment? In addition, will you want space where your livestock can remain protected from the elements or would you prefer having space for a workshop instead? Like industrial steel buildings, steel sheds come in an array of shapes and sizes. Knowing what you want to use the shed for, could help you design the shed to perfection.


Don’t Forget to Measure the Equipment You Want to Store in Your New Shed

Imagine building a shed only to find that it does not have sufficient space for storing all your machinery and equipment. But, this scenario occurs more often than you might care to think. This is why it is imperative to ensure that your machinery shed has ample space for meeting all your storage needs. To ensure this, make a list of all the items that you plan to store in the shed. Note down their heights and widths. This will help you determine the clearance heights and the bay widths that the shed will need. Builders usually measure the height of the shed from the ground level to the eaves. Similarly, they measure the length along the gutter edge. Finally, they measure the width of the shed across the gable end. Knowing the dimensions of all your large equipment will help you design a spacious shed.


Fix the Responsibility for Obtaining the Necessary Permits and Approvals

In Australia, you will need to prepare your shed plans and keep the local council informed. Not all councils require permits. However, this will depend on the kind of shed that you’re planning to build. Councils usually offer important advice on water, sewer and power lines. Hence, it is important to keep them informed always. In many cases, builders of industrial steel buildings and sheds bear the responsibility for obtaining the approvals or permits necessary. But, don’t just assume that they will do this. Speak to the builder and settle the responsibility for submitting the paperwork and obtaining the permits and approvals necessary.

CBS Sheds is one of the top builders of steel sheds in Australia. Our client-focused designs and innovative construction practices have made us a leading construction company. From machinery sheds to workshops, we can design and build any structure you require to your complete satisfaction. Check out some of our latest projects here.



What Kinds of Mezzanine Floor Systems Can Your Builder Provide?

Mezzanine Floor CBS Commercial Shed


Various occasions necessitate the building of mezzanine floors. Your business might be witnessing an expansion. Hence, you could find yourself needing additional space. Looking for a new facility will involve additional expenses that you might not have the capital for. However, if you can utilise the space within your existing facility, you could end up saving thousands of dollars. Stylish mezzanine floors can enhance the working environment considerably. These floors can also provide an easy way to solve your storage problems. Unsurprisingly, when business owners need more working or storage space in their light industrial units or manufacturing plants, they think of constructing mezzanine floors.


An Overview of Freestanding Mezzanine Floors

For the uninitiated, mezzanine floors denote secondary floors. Builders typically construct these floors between other floors in the building. These floors usually serve as platforms that offer a myriad of uses. It is worth highlighting that there are several designs for mezzanine floors. One such design is the freestanding design. Also known as a wide-span mezzanine or structural mezzanine, these floors come into use in a wide variety of applications. They offer great flexibility in terms of set-up and restructuring. Freestanding mezzanines form part of capital equipment. Hence, you will be able to enjoy various tax advantages by depreciating them over shorter spans of time.


What Are Building-Supported Mezzanines?

Depending on your requirements, a mezzanine floor can be semi-permanent or permanent. Many builders use steel, aluminium or fibreglass for constructing high-quality mezzanine floors. Some light industrial units in Australia prefer building-supported mezzanine structures. However, these structures are only possible in case the builders have designed the building specifically to support additional loads. The foundation of these buildings must have the solidity needed for supporting the load. On occasions, builders could opt for a blended system for the mezzanine floors. In this system, the building structure and some columns help in providing the required support to the mezzanine floor.


What is the Difference Between Rack-Supported and Shelving-Supported Mezzanines?

Rack-supported mezzanine platforms create an additional level of usable space between existing storage racks. But, for building these structures, the existing rack systems must have the necessary strength. Otherwise, they will not be able to support the additional loads. Some builders also install catwalks in these structures. This makes it easier for workers to move about these structures installed in light industrial units and other similar facilities. Similarly, shelving-supported mezzanines are ideal for providing additional storage space. These structures enable the facility owner to store an array of smaller items alongside the existing shelves. Shelving-supported mezzanines optimise the effective utilisation of space. However, these structures are also among the least flexible when it comes to reconfiguration.

When you want to build a mezzanine floor in your facility, consult the experts at CBS Sheds. For more than 20 years, we have established our reputation by constructing high-quality steel buildings throughout Australia’s eastern seaboard. From educational structures to equine ones, we can build them all. Check out our entire range of services here.


How Should the Stairs For a Mezzanine Floor Be Arranged?

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Many industrial shed buildings come with mezzanine surfaces. Adding a mezzanine floor is a must if you have extra storage needs. But you should look carefully at what you are doing when getting the stairs to your floor ready. The stairs should be planned based on the size of the stairwell and the directions you plan on having it move around in.


Review the Height First

Start by looking at how high up your mezzanine floor will be. Each step on your staircase should be around four to eight inches high. Figuring out the height of the floor will give you an idea of how many steps you need to add to the floor.


How Wide Are the Stairs?

Keep the stairs wide enough to where people can walk on them without slipping off. The stairs should be eight to twelve inches wide if possible.


What About Longer Flat Surfaces?

You can get a longer rest area added in the middle of your staircase. This is perfect if you have a need for carrying large loads up and down the stairs and you need a rest spot in the middle. The flat surface can be around three to five feet long if you wish to add it. The space adds enough room for you to place heavy loads on.


Look For Bends

Some commercial sheds might be cramped to where a stairwell for a mezzanine floor cannot be laid out in a straight line. Look at how well the stairs can move from one direction to another if needed. Look for a square-shaped rest step that is at least four feet in size on each end as you switch directions.

Stairs for commercial sheds must be planned accordingly and with care. See what CBS Sheds has to offer to you if you need help with planning a mezzanine surface and an accompanying stairwell for one of your industrial shed buildings.


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Always Review the Ventilation For Your Machinery Shed


The machines you store in your farm sheds might let off plenty of fumes and gases that can bother anyone. You must have enough ventilation in one of these sheds so any leftover fumes produced by a machine after you shut it off will not stick around inside your shed for long. These vents must be planned accordingly based on the demands you have for them.


How Are Vents Laid Out?

The vents in machinery sheds can be laid out along the sides of your shed. These should be organized on the walls while the roof offers a bit of coverage on the outside to keep rain from getting into the vent. The vents should be a few feet from the top of the shed to allow air to move in and out well enough without creating gusts that would get in the way of anything inside the shed.


What Sizes?

Vents for machinery sheds should be large enough to let air from the inside out quickly enough. A vent can be around one to two feet in size. This adds space for air to move without there being too much coming in at a time.


Keep Them Equal

The vents should be placed evenly and equally along your shed. Having identical vents on opposite sides of the shed allows for air to move out faster.


Can a Chimney Work?

A small chimney material can be added on top of your shed as well. Machinery sheds with chimneys include models where a port is placed somewhere around the roof. The port allows air to move out of the unit. This is long enough to keep moisture from outside from getting into your property.

Make sure you see how the ventilation inside your shed is laid out. All farm sheds in Australia need to utilize the right forms of ventilation to keep them protected. Check with CBS Sheds to see what you can find when getting vents ready for your shed.


Design the Best Airplane Hangar for Housing Your Airplanes

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Xylem or wood-based garages and sheds used to be quite common some years ago. However, the arrival of steel has gradually begun to make its presence felt. Despite being lightweight, steel offers superlative levels of sturdiness and solidity. It is modern and sleek in look. In addition, it can withstand the elements far better than wood can. Not surprisingly, people wanting to build sheds or airplane hangars have begun to prefer structures made of steel as opposed to wood or other materials. When it comes to sheds, wood might be one of the most popular materials. However, aviation industry experts opine that steel is the material of choice when it comes to hangars. Even brick and mortar structures do not offer the strength, resilience and durability that steel can.

Pick the Right Location for Your Steel Hangar

Industrial steel buildings make superb aircraft hangars. Before you begin constructing your hangar, check the local building and zoning laws applicable in your area. Glossing over the importance of building compliant structures could come back to haunt you subsequently. It is worth mentioning that the engines of many airplanes could be noisy. Thus, you will need to ensure that your airplane hangars comply with the local noise regulations and ordinances as well. In addition, you will need to ensure that your structure meets the prescribed environmental, functional, safety and visual requirements.

Create Airplane Hangars that Suits the Dimensions of Your Aircraft

When you have invested several thousands of dollars towards purchasing an aircraft, you will not want to house it in a tiny hangar. Build a hangar that can accommodate all your aircrafts (if you have more than one). In addition, ensure that your aircraft can move in and out of the hangar easily. Purchase industrial steel buildings for using as hangars based on the type of aircraft you have and their dimensions. Moreover, ensure that the hangar has space for performing routine maintenance too. Include alternate rooms for containing offices, bathrooms etc. based on your requirements.

Other Aspects to Consider in Your Steel Hangars

Not all industrial steel buildings are equal. So, acquire a steel hangar that eliminates condensation with insulation. Climate-controlled structures will enhance the longevity of your aircraft. Another detail to consider is the hangar doors. Steel hangars typically feature large doors, which could be simple or complex. Vertical lift doors rise overhead and open when you pull the top of the door towards the rear of the hangar. Bi-folding doors split horizontally down the middle and fold in half on activation. Electric motors, lift cables and straps usually power these doors. Sliding doors often come in bi-parting systems that function like elevator doors. Alternatively, these doors could come in unidirectional systems too.

For the best steel sheds in Australia, bank on CBS Sheds. We have acquired a formidable reputation in providing client-focused design and construction services. Our cold-formed steel building projects have won us immense acclaim throughout Australia. From airplane hangars to educational structures, we can build them all. Check out some of our projects here.


Image Source: Flickr / Jetstar Airways

Options for Steel Carports – Are Flat Roofs Better than Sloped Ones?

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Your cars, trailers, tools, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and other similar possessions often require a lot of protection. In addition, they will often require large amounts of storage space. A small, solitary garage will hardly suffice to accommodate several vehicles. In this scenario, you will need to build a carport for keeping your vehicles sheltered from the elements. For many people, a garage will typically refer to a structure made of wood, attached to the house. However, steel carports and garages are increasingly becoming the norm in many cities throughout the country.


Prefabricated Steel Sheds and Other Structures Offer Immense Solidity and Durability

In the past, steel buildings used to be quite popular in the industrial environment. The lower costs of these structures, in conjunction with their solidity and durability, have made them ideal for use in residential settings as well. Steel is a hardy material. Thus, it is apt for providing a durable space for storing your belongings. Also, assembling a steel structure does not take much time or effort. This also makes the cost of the entire project relatively inexpensive. Consequently, several people are opting to have a steel garage in their homes these days.


Does it Make Sense to Opt for a Flat Roof Over Your Garages or Carports?

When you think of purchasing a steel carport, you will inevitably need to consider various details. One of these will comprise the kind of roof the structure should have, e.g. flat or sloped. Flat roofs are basic structures comprising rafters placed on beams on each side of the carport. The flat design of these roofs invariably leads to a build-up of dust, leaves and snow. Eventually, this accumulation could cause these roofs to develop leaks. In addition, exposure to extreme heat could result in uneven roof surfaces. Over time, this could lead to the accumulation of puddles as well, which would inevitably cause leaks.


What Makes Sloped Carport Roofs Highly Popular?

For proper draining of snow and rainwater, opt for sloped carport roofs. These roofs remain framed with rafters that angle from the highest point to beams placed at the sides of the carport. Sloped roofs often come with a wide range of slope angles and designs. However, it is worth mentioning that even a minor slant in the roof can make the roof more efficient than a flat roof. In many cases, the minimum slope required for water or snow to drain effectively is one percent. But, you will need to check the local building codes to confirm this. It is worth mentioning that sloped roofs will be relatively costlier as opposed to flat roofs. But, once installed, these roofs require little to no maintenance.

If you’re looking for the best provider of steel sheds in Australia, don’t look beyond CBS Sheds. For more than 20 years, we have built premium-quality steel-framed structures along Australia’s eastern seaboard. Our sheds are quite versatile. So, you could use them to meet your farming, industrial or equine storage needs. For more information, click here.


Top 3 Factors to Consider When Building a Garage or Carport

carports garages

There are several factors you need to keep in mind while building your garage and carports. Starting your project without doing the homework can lead to a number of issues later on including budget overrun and missed deadlines to name a few. With that in mind, we’re going to discuss in this article some of the most crucial things you should take into account. Let’s have a look:

1. Garage and Carports: Choosing the Right Size

The size of your vehicle determines the size of your garage or carport you should invest in. In addition, consider the additional space you’ll need to move around. Ideally, the doors of your car can be opened completely without any obstruction.

Though you can go as large as you want when it comes to the size of your garage and carports, medium size steel garages and carports can accommodate most vehicles with absolute ease. These light industrial units allow you to open the doors of your vehicle, load or unload your items without having to take your vehicle outside.

2. Light industrial units: Know the Quality of Steel

It’s highly recommended to buy your steel structures including carports and garages from a trusted specialist. At CBS Sheds, we use the highest quality steel in all our metal buildings to ensure optimum durability and longevity.

Our prefab light industrial units are built to last with strong and resilient commercial grade steel. This makes our steel buildings virtually maintenance-free, long-lasting and nearly indestructible.

Due to advanced engineering processes and top-grade materials, our each and every component exhibits the properties of many reinforced layers of steel for unrivalled strength and durability. In fact, our steel is one of the strongest building products in the world.

Contrary to traditional materials, our steel garages and carports can easily withstand strong winds, hurricanes and snow loads and so on.

3. Know the Customisation Options

Always choose a company that can help you customize your structure to fit your storage or property needs precisely. Prefab steel buildings offered at CBS Sheds are available in a variety of configurations that allow you to customize your carport or garage in any way you want.

For more information on light industrial units, contact the most trusted builders in Sydney – CBS Sheds today. Get in touch with our experts at 02 4959 3000 now!

Warehouse Construction: The Best Advice You Can Hear About Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floor CBS Commercial Shed

Mezzanine floors are a wonderful way to maximise available space in your warehouse with a little investment. So, instead of finding a new space and relocating your business by starting warehouse construction from scratch, opting for mezzanine floors can save you both time and money.

This means you don’t have to deal with any solicitors, estate agents and numerous other personnel anymore. A single trusted specialist like CBS Sheds can help you throughout your entire project by providing you with highly trained professionals to accomplish every task quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


Warehouse Construction:  How to Design Mezzanine Floors?

First and foremost; determine the amount of overhead space your warehouse has and how you are planning to use it. This way, you’ll get some idea about what you can achieve by installing a mezzanine floor.

Take for example, if you’ve an ample amount of overhead space, you can even install multiple levels of mezzanine floors. Mezzanines made of steel are incredibly durable and can be used for a variety of purposes regardless of the load. You can use your steel mezzanines for anything that suits your business needs the best.

No wonder, mezzanine floors have become an important aspect of warehouse construction these days. Many businesses use these to create an office space while others utilize them for applications such work rooms, storage space or even canteens.


Warehouse Construction: Why Choose Steel for Your Mezzanine Floors?

  •  Steel Mezzanine Floors Can Be Constructed Quickly: Most of the steel components used in the construction of mezzanine floors are manufactured offsite and merely assembled at the site. This requires way less labour and time as compared to other materials.
  • Steel Mezzanine Floors Are Cost-Effective: Apart from the cost savings stated above, mezzanine Floors made of steel can help you save money in numerous ways. Steel is an affordable material and it requires less man-hour to manufacture steel components as compared to concrete systems.
  • Steel Mezzanine Floors Are Strong and Versatile: Strong, durable and versatile mezzanine floors can be used to keep heavy equipment without any issues. However, make sure that you choose a good design to ensure optimum safety and accessibility. With steel, you can achieve a greater productivity and faster construction times. Lastly, steel mezzanine floors need little to no maintenance during their lifespan.

For more guidance on mezzanine floors and warehouse construction, get in touch with the leading experts at CBS Sheds today. Visit CBS Sheds or simply give us a call at 02 4959 3000 now!


Stable Sheds and Machinery Sheds: 5 Reasons Steel Is The Best Material Choice

machinery sheds


Steel is one of the most resilient and long-lasting building materials available anywhere today. Most of you might already know this. What many people may not know is that steel buildings are exceptionally versatile too. From stable sheds to machinery sheds, these structures can accommodate the needs of any business or individual.

Why Choose Steel for Your Stable Sheds and Machinery Sheds?

Stable sheds and machinery sheds, made of steel, can deliver you a range of benefits both in short- and long-term. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind the tremendous popularity of steel buildings.

  1. Metal stable sheds never deteriorate or rot. This is not true for other materials like wood. Old wooden structures get worse and start crumbling over time and become prone to serious damage.
  2. Steel machinery sheds are resistant to mould, termites and other annoyances. Though insects cannot destroy the whole stable shed, they can certainly take away the peace and enjoyment of occupants living or working inside the sheds.
  3. Traditional concrete and wooden buildings need poles and columns to support the structure, minimising the space inside the building. On the other hand, steel stable sheds and machinery sheds feature a clear span design for maximum space utilization. While it’s not really impossible to achieve a clear span design with other materials, it comes at a big cost.
  4. Steel sheds are some of the most stable structures you can find anywhere. In addition to prefabricated steel panels, there are many other accessories like braces and anchors that keep these buildings intact and rock-solid even in storms, strong winds and earthquakes.
  5. Machine sheds and stable sheds made from traditional materials are costly and difficult to maintain. Depending on the size of the structure, you may have to shell out some huge money on their regular maintenance. This will also affect the productivity as you’ll need to stop work to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance procedures. Fortunately, steel sheds are virtually maintenance free.

CBS Sheds Have You Covered

No matter what your requirements are, steel buildings from CBS Sheds are a perfect solution for you. With limitless design options, configurations and customisation possibilities, you can build a stunning and durable structure that will save you construction time, future maintenance and energy costs. For more guidance on steel stable sheds and machinery sheds, get in touch with the leading specialists at CBS Sheds today. Give us a call on (02) 4959 3000 now!


The 3 Most Important Reasons to Choose Steel Farm Sheds

farm sheds

Farm sheds are commonly used for storing equipment and as a shelter for livestock. Traditionally, such structures were constructed using wood mainly because of easy availability and affordability. However, in the recent years, steel sheds have become a preferred option for farm owners who are looking to build resilient and maintenance-free farm sheds.

With steel sheds, you can get rid of almost all the issues and limitations that come with ordinary wooden farm sheds. Steel sheds have a contemporary style and are better suited for today’s farming equipment and livestock needs. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons why you should choose farm sheds built with steel.

Steel Sheds Are Rot-Resistant

Wooden farm sheds are prone to infestations and a number of other issues. You may have also witnessed crumbling old wooden structures almost everywhere. Well, this is not the case with steel sheds. Farm sheds made of steel are exceptionally durable and can withstand the vagaries of nature with aplomb. So, you can say goodbye to insects, rot and mould when you choose to go with steel.

Steel Farm Sheds Are Easier and Faster To Build

With traditional building materials, you’ll need to hire a number of professionals from different fields to build the structure. This process is costly and time-consuming. However, steel sheds can be constructed quickly by a few skilled workers as most of the components are fabricated offsite. Once shipped to your location, all you need to do is assemble these parts, and you’ve a stunning and durable structure ready to be used for any purpose.

Steel can Improve Value of Your Farm Sheds

In case, you want to sell your farmland at any time in future, farm sheds made of steel can help you increase its market value. On the other hand, old, crumbling, high maintenance wooden structures are always seen as a burden by prospective buyers. Most buyers tend to stay away from properties that need constant repair and maintenance.

Steel sheds always manage to attract new buyers and get you the best price for your land.  These structures are absolutely safe and do not deteriorate for years and years. Apart from utilizing them as farm sheds, steel sheds can be successfully used for a huge range of applications with a few little modifications. Not only steel sheds add tremendous value to your property, but they also make it more practical and useful than you can ever imagine.

As a farm owner, you can reap some amazing benefits by constructing steel farm sheds on your land. If you’re planning to build one, get in touch with the leading steel building specialists in Australia – CBS Sheds today. Visit CBS Sheds or give us a call at (02) 4959 3000 now!


Image Source: Ken Lund / Flickr